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Did you know...the CDC says 6 in 10 Americans live with at least one chronic disease, like diabetes, heart, or kidney disease, and are the leading driving of healthcare costs?  Over 50% of chronic diseases can be prevented by eating well, being physically active, avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol, and getting regular health screenings?  Legends Fitness and our partners have made it our mission to provide results-driven programming that strives to meet our clients unique individual goals, while providing a comfortable social environment to which they are accustomed.  Our aim is for YOU not to be part of the CDC statistic!

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Legends Group Class


Our Legends group class is designed to improve the physical fitness of members of the community who are aging out of the common community group class or have special considerations with regard to overall physical mobility.

Legends class includes:

  • Focus on functional movements to sustain and enhance core strength necessary for continuing daily activities, prevention of injury, and optimal recovery from illnesses.

  • Use of body weight, light dumbbells, kettlebells, bike, rower, stretching, low steps, chairs, walking, etc. 

  • Functional fitness translates to real life home activities, such as carrying laundry and groceries, reaching for objects on a high shelf, ability to fall down and get back up, climbing stairs, physically assisting a loved one, and playing with grandchildren!

Legends Personal Training


Our clients receive a goal planning consultation before beginning their journey.  Whether your goals are to lose weight and get leaner, or simply maintaining your health to avoid or manage common chronic conditions aging individuals naturally face, we provide the support and tools necessary to assist you on your journey.

We offer multiple options to fit your individual situation, including coaching support one-on-one personal training at our facility, and the option to connect to our partners that provide nutrition education and coaching that are incorporated to your overall training program.  

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Adaptive Athlete Group & Personal Training


We are dedicated to helping adaptive athletes train for life.  

Whether you are pre or post prosthetic, TBI, have decreased mobility function, or dealing with a chronic disease such as cancer that requires rebuilding your strength, we will assist you in excelling at your fitness goals.  

We have an established, welcoming environment for adaptive athletes to come and lean on each other for support while also becoming stronger in mind, body, and spirit!

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