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  • How do I find out more about prices and sign up for a Legends program?
    We are affiliated with Notch 8 Athletics in Avon, Indiana. You can find information on Legends Programs, including class schedule and pricing, at Come in, meet the staff, and sign up at: Notch 8 Athletics, 8131 Kingston St., Suite 400, Avon, IN 46123
  • Is previous group class experience necessary to join a Legends group class?
    No, we will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Do you provide services for individuals with special needs or physical disabilities?
    Yes! And it's one of the most awesome things we love to do! For individuals with special needs, such as managment of a chronic condition or physical impairment, we can tailor workouts or modify to each individual as needed. For athletes that require performance at a high intensity level, we have an excellent partnership with Notch 8 Athletics that accomodates Adaptive Athletics focusing on individuals with permanent physical disabilities (or severe temporary injuries). Notch 8 provides additional support and experience to enable individuals impaired by limb amputation or mobility limitations to become comfortable with the fundamentals of functional movement. Whatever the case may be, the movements can be adapted to fit your situation. Contact us for a referral or visit their page at
  • I have a medical conditon, special circumstance, or injury that may make it difficult for me to do some of the activities.  How do you handle that?"
    One of the greatest benefits Legends Fitness is that we design our programming in mind for this exact reason! Our Legends classes are designed for ages 40+ in mind. HOWEVER, all movements can be "scaled" down OR up OR modified to fit each individuals needs. We focus on functional movements to help with strength, flexibility, and longevity. There are a lot of options, and we meet you where you are!
  • If I'm under age 40, is Legends for me?"
    Maybe...or, maybe not. All ages 14 and over are welcome. However, every individual is unique. If you are under 40, but aren't comfortable in a group environment that caters to athletes of high intensity and skill levels, or you have special circumstances that require a more moderate environment, then Legends may be for you. The best way to know is to come check us out and hopefully make a match! First classes and consultations are FREE!
  • If I still go to my traditional group class gym and I'm loving it, but I'm over 40, is Legends for me?"
    Probably not. If you are still challenged, pushed, and meeting your goals in your current environment whether you are 40, 50, 60 or older, THAT'S AWESOME!!!! Keep doing what works for you until you no longer feel like it's a fit anymore. We will still be here for you down the road! And if you are looking for a new environment with an awesome community, higher intensity, and challenging workouts, our partners at Notch 8 Athletics may be a great fit! We will hook you up or you can visit them at
  • My spouse/partner/significant other and I love to work out together.  What are our options?
    Great! Due to the flexibility of our programs, we can accomodate various skill levels and we often offer "partner" workouts in our classes. In the situation where one half of the couple would rather still participate in a more rigorous, high intensity strength and cardio programming, our partners at Notch 8 Athletics may be a great fit and we are all part of each other's community under one roof. You can check them out
  • Do you offer Couple and/or Police/Fire/Military Discounts?
    Yes and Yes. We offer a 10% discount off normal rates for these classes of members. Discount applies to Legends Fitness Group Class memberships only.
  • Am I required to sign a contract?  Are there limits to my membership?
    We follow Notch 8 Athletics contract and cancellation policy. Be sure to check terms and conditions of the packages you purchase. Memberships and Session Package Purchases are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
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